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6-Glass Wine Sampler Flight

6-Glass Wine Sampler Flight

Our unique wine flights are used to present a selection of wines in a row for sampling and tasting. Often created with different types of white wine or red wine types and/or different vinyards, these are a fun way to enjoy sampling with friends! Our flight boards have glass wells drilled in the base to keep the glasses from spilling, unique carrying handle options and even a chalkboard strip inset into the surface to write on with a chalk marker (provided). You can jot down the wine types and details on the chalk strip, or create fun sayings for the occasion! The flight also has sturdy, non-marring rubber feet to hold it securely in place. This board is provided with a full set of six 5oz mini wine glasses! Also, the price includes custom engraving of a name or short line of text! 


Approx Dimensions: 19"W x 7.5"D x 2"T (Including feet and handles)

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