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Engraved Cheese Slicing Board

Engraved Cheese Slicing Board

Slice and serve all with one convenient piece of stylish kitchen equipment! This Hardwood Cheese Slicing Board is handmade using top quality materials in your choice of wood species and handle color, engraving personalization and four rubber feet on the bottom. The taut stainless steel cutting wire ensures a smooth cut - thick or thin - every time. Pair with your favorite crackers and you've got yourself a party! Each board comes with a skinny cleaning brush to make clean up easier. If you opt for a blank board, without engraving, the price will lower to reflect the savings. 


Our boards are treated with Bumblechutes® brand wood serum and wood conditioning wax for an optimal food safe finish. Made locally in New Hampshire, Bumblechutes products are made with certified 100% organic ingredients and contain no petroleum products. Made with domestically sourced beeswax and packaged in 100% recycled containers, Bumblechutes is very environmentally friendly.


Just want a board with no slicing wire? Visit our Mini Hardwood Charcuterie Board page here!


DISCLAIMER: These boards are NOT dishwasher safe! Simply rinse with warm water with a mild dish detergent and dry immediately.


NOTE: We had a recent price increase on 2-24-22 due to rising hardware costs. We hope to return to our normal supplier soon!

  • Dimensions

    Approximately 9"L x 5.75"W x 1"H

  • Care Instructions

    These boards are NOT dishwasher safe! Simply wash with a mild dish detergent and warm water, scrubbing lightly if needed, and dry immediately. Leaving your board in water too long can cause warping and splitting. If stains or odors are still present clean only using natural cleaners such as white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. Chemical cleaners can damage your board. C&C Wood Studio is not liable for any damage caused due to improper use or care.

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