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Hardwood Lazy Susan

Hardwood Lazy Susan

Add some fun and functionality to your kitchen, bar or dining room with this beautiful Hardwood Lazy Susan! Each piece is 12” round, 3/4” thick, made in your choice of hardwood and sealed with a glossy urethane. Our Lazy Susans spin easily and smoothly allowing you to quickly access any items stored or displayed on it. Look through our engraving options to customize your piece even further! (Note: engravings are best seen on maple and cherry but can be done on any choice of wood) Custom sizes available upon request!


Please note that due to current lumber pricing, there is a slight increase for pieces using walnut.

DISCLAIMER: All of our products are made by hand using natural wood. This means that we cannot make pieces that are uniformly the same. There will always be a difference in grain pattern, knots, etc.

  • Dimensions

    Approximately 12" Round

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