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Stovetop Cover

Stovetop Cover

Perfect for those with small kitchens, limited counter space, or someone who simply wants to protect their stove top. These Stovetop Covers (also known as Noodle Boards) are handcrafted using pine, stained, and sealed with urethane. Add some personal flair with an optional decal! Decals are available in black or white. Each board comes with four rubber feet on the backside to avoid any damage to the surface of your stovetop. DISCLAIMER: These Noodle Boards should NOT be placed on a hot stove. All burners must be cool before placing this board - this is not fireproof! C&C Wood Studio is not liable for any damage caused due to improper use.DISCLAIMER: This is not a cutting board and should be used for serving and storage only. 
  • Dimensions

    Approximately 30"W x 21"D x 3.5"H

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