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Wooden Disc Ornament

Wooden Disc Ornament

Just in time for the 2022 holiday season is C&C Wood Studio's new Wooden Disc Ornament! This is no ordinary wood ornament, its actually made of the perfect faux wood, an HDF ploymer material with a UV-LED printed wood pattern. Every other natural wood disc ornament we've tried over the years eventually cracks as it dries- its just a natural effect of organic wood slices. Most didn't engrave well either, but this new wood log ornament is durable and engraves perfectly for crisp images you can cherish for a lifetime with a warm rustic feel! Decorate for the holidays with this 3.5" x 3.75" ornament, perfected by C&C Wood Studio!


We have a complete catalog of stock images we've created OR we can customize all original artwork to your liking and engrave whatever you can dream of! To view stock images, see thumbnails 5-9

  • Dimensions

    3.5"T x 3.75"W

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